Problem to install delete-by-query plugin


I've a problem to install the delete-by-query plugin. When I try to install the plugin the elasticsearch returns this message:

[root@homologacaoes bin]# ./elasticsearch-plugin install delete-by-query
A tool for managing installed elasticsearch plugins


list - Lists installed elasticsearch plugins
install - Install a plugin
remove - Removes a plugin from elasticsearch

Non-option arguments:

Option Description

-h, --help show help
-s, --silent show minimal output
-v, --verbose show verbose output
ERROR: Unknown plugin delete-by-query

This is my elastichsearch version:
[root@homologacaoes bin]# curl -X GET 'http://localhost:9200'
"name" : "UJJh0LR",
"cluster_name" : "elasticsearch",
"cluster_uuid" : "G0KkKVZ7TGaK6ykVKzpKyQ",
"version" : {
"number" : "5.3.0",
"build_hash" : "3adb13b",
"build_date" : "2017-03-23T03:31:50.652Z",
"build_snapshot" : false,
"lucene_version" : "6.4.1"
"tagline" : "You Know, for Search"

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Delete by query is builtin. No need for a plugin:


Thank you very much, its working...
I've been using the Kibana Dev Tools and this option didn't show, so I thought that was necessary to install.

Did you try a more recent version of the stack like 5.5 or 5.6?

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Yes, my version is 5.6.

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