Problem when installing elk 8.5.1

Hi i am trying to install elk stack 8.5.1 on amazon linux 2 redhat. When i try to start the service getting the following error

I have set true
discovery-type: single-node false
what are the expected configurations? i dont have ssl certificate for this machine


Please do not share screenshots of error messages, they are pretty hard to read sometimes and some people may not be even able to read it.

Share the error log as plain text using the </> button in the editor.

sorry for the inconvenience

 fatal exception while booting Elasticsearch
org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchSecurityException: invalid configuration for - [] is not set, but the following settings have been configured in elasticsearch.yml : [,]

Can you share your entire elasticsearch.yml?

Also, share the entire Elasticsearch error log, what you shared now is completely different from the error in your image.

The problem was fixed. the old elasticsearch.yml file wasnt getting updated. I am installing elastic stack with authentication using ansible playbook. The same isnt working for 8.5.1. Can you please share how to setup authentication for elk 8.5.1?

For older version my playbook was running fine. But for 8.5.1 if i disable authentication i am prompted for token, which is don't see when i install elasticsearch using playbook

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