Problem With ES Upgrade(2.x to 5.x)

I have currently v2.4 Elasticsearch in production and in process to upgrade it to v5.5.
I'm facing problem with
index.mapping.total_fields.limit: 1000
index.mapping.nested_fields.limit: 50
My current total fields is in the order of 13000 and nested_fields around 100.
Since this is non-dynamic field I'm not able to update it. Is creating new index the only option?
if no, Is there any way I can upgrade without creating new index so I can change the default values of these settings?

I don't think this is a scenario that we planned. I'd suggest to open a Github issue.

@rjernst @jpountz I had created issue for the same here
Although it would be really helpful if I could one quick clarification.
So if I upgrade without changing the field limits, will that result in data loss or something else?

My bad, I had misread the issue and thought that the upgrade failed for you. But actually you haven't tried out yet right?

I just tested locally and the update was successful. The reason is that those limits are only enforced for mapping updates. When upgrading to a new version, mappings are only recovered so you should not have any issues.

Cool. Thanks @jpountz :slight_smile:

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