Problem with logs ilm policy elk7.9.1


I have upgrade my stack from elk6.7.1 to elk7.9.1.

In my stack index name are : logs-kelogs-pltf-YYYY.MM.dd.hh

These  indices are not managed by rollover and ilm policies.
Logtash creates each hour a new index logs-kelogs-pltf-YYYY.MM.dd.hh 
History is managed by curator.

My problem is that with elk7.9.1:
1 an ilm policy with rollover(logs)  is set by default upon any index : logs-*-* with datastream. 
2 my indexs logs-kelogs-pltf-YYYY.MM.dd.hh are not compliant with this policy, logstash fails trying to insert data in datastream like in .ds- logs-kelogs-pltf-YYYY.MM..dd.hh.

I would avoid to use  this ilm policy (or any ilm policy) for my indexs: logs-kelogs-pltf-YYYY.MM.dd.h
I have try to modify the template `logs` to discard my indexs:



But when I try to save the modification : save button turn round (saving label)

Is there a simple way to avoid that logs ilm policy applies on my indexs


Finally , I create new index template (not legacy) overriding logs templtaes and it works (solved)

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Thanks for sharing your solution.

FYI your first post is really hard to read with that formatting :slight_smile:

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