Problem with sharing kibana link after enabling state:storeInSessionStorage


I have created a filter in kibana which makes the URL very big so I enabled state:storeInSessionStorageand it works fine.

The problem though is that when I share this link or paste it into another tab I have an error restoring state for the URL.

I know it is experimental but is it going to be fixed in the future?
Thank you in advance!


Session storage is not shared between tabs. from MDN

  • Whenever a document is loaded in a particular tab in the browser, a unique page session gets created and assigned to that particular tab. That page session is valid only for that particular tab.

Users on other devices do not have access to session storage on your device either.

Have you tried to use Share > Permalinks > Short URL instead? See the doc

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Hi Mikhail,

Thank you for your response.
Permalinks work fine!


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