#/error/url-overflow in kibana 5.6

Kibana version: 5.6

Elasticsearch version: 5.6

Browser version : Edge/IE11

Browser OS version: Win10

When I will try access the kibana through the IE or Edge Browser that time URL-Overflow error shouldn't happen often ;), we've noticed that Kibana redirects to /#/error/url-overflow instead of /{basepath}/#/error/url-overflow. But other browsers it's working fine.

Errors in browser console (if relevant):

Provide logs and/or server output (if relevant) :

This is because there is a limit to maximum URL size in IE and earlier version of Edge. For this, there is a setting in Advanced Settings, called state:storeInSessionStorage which will store the state in session storage instead of the URL. This way you won't get the error.

How to fix through the code? Please suggest me.

Hi Marius ,

since I change setting "state:storeInSessionStorage" to true.
after that i am getting different error becoz of this changes
"Unable to completely restore the URL, be sure to use the share functionality.".

Please suggest how i will fix it....

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