Problem with starting rally daemon


I have a cluster setup on AWS that I am trying to benchmark. Towards this, I have a coordinator instance and 2 load drivers setup. These systems all have rally setup and rally starts up fine. However when I try running something like this:
[rally1@rally ~]$ esrallyd start --node-ip= --coordinator-ip=
-bash: esrallyd: command not found

I understand that the rally daemon(esrallyd) should be installed along with esrally.

Could someone pls provide guidance regarding this?

Hello @Akshay_Raj,

Can you provide some more information about what is the method you used to install Rally?

e.g. did you use pip3 install esrally, did you prefix the command with sudo or did you use --user? Finally what does which esrally say?


Hi Dimitrios,

I installed esrally via pip3 install esrally. I used sudo. When I try to run the rally daemon(esrallyd), i get a command not found error. I believe it wasn't installed when esrally was installed...


To help troubleshoot this, can you provide exact reproduction steps please?

Ideally you can try reproducing it in a vagrant box, but at minimum, we'd need:

  • the precise Linux distribution and version or in the case of AWS the AMI image.
  • steps to install Rally after operating system has started e.g. sudo su - and then apt-get update && apt-get install -y gcc python3-pip python3-dev && pip3 install esrally

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