Problem with timezone conversion - full timestamp vs time only field


I am facing a problem with inconsitent timezone conversion in visualization - between a full timestamp field and a time only field. Looked around and didn't find a solution. Please help!

I have loaded 2 different date fields into Elastic like below in UTC. Using the console, I am able to see the same - correctly. FYI, actual time is just the time portion of end date. Loaded this data using logstash

"enddate": "2018-07-19 12:10:45",
"actualtime": "12:10:45",

My browser / system is in Pacific time zone. With Day light savings on, we expect it to subtract 7 hours from the UTC data loaded above.

In Discover, I was able to see enddate correctly as 5:10: 45 in PDT, but looks like actual time is getting subtracted with 8 hours and not 7 - which is the case with PST and not PDT - showing 4:10:45

enddate:July 19th 2018, 05:10:45.000 actualtime: 04:10:45

Both the fields are defined as Date fields in the mapping and I am using the pattern as "HH:mm:ss" for actual time

Let me know if there is anything I am missing here and thanks in advance for your help!

FYI - I asked this in Kibana forums and I got a suggestion to ask about this in ES forum.


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