Problem with timezone conversion - full timestamp vs time only


I am facing a problem with inconsitent timezone conversion in visualization - between a full timestamp field and a time only field. Looked around and didn't find a solution. Please help!

I have loaded 2 different date fields into Elastic like below in UTC. Using the console, I am able to see the same - correctly. FYI, actual time is just the time portion of end date. Loaded this data using logstash

"enddate": "2018-07-19 12:10:45",
"actualtime": "12:10:45",


My browser / system is in Pacific time zone. With Day light savings on, we expect it to subtract 7 hours from the UTC data loaded above.

In Discover, I was able to see enddate correctly as 5:10: 45 in PDT, but looks like actual time is getting subtracted with 8 hours and not 7 - which is the case with PST and not PDT - showing 4:10:45

enddate:July 19th 2018, 05:10:45.000 actualtime:04:10:45


Both the fields are defined as Date fields in the mapping and I am using the pattern as "HH:mm:ss" for actual time

Let me know if there is anything I am missing here and thanks in advance for your help!



This seems interesting but I think it's more on how Elasticsearch sees times without any date information assigned to it. By default, I remember that all times are saved as UTC, but what conversion happens there for you will be different: enddate takes it as the time on the date, with DST on, and for the time without any date assigned to it will most likely default to no DST. This will be why you see the difference. You can ask in the Elasticsearch forums to confirm this.

Thank you Marius for your reply. I will try in the ES forum


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