Problems in visualization/filtering a date field in Discover module

I am having a problem with date fields in the "Discover" module

Specifically I have a field with the following definition:
"checkIn": {
"type": "date"

Additionally I have the following settings:
. Timezone for date formatting "-> Browser ((GMT-3)
. Format of checkIn fields set to "DD-MM-YYYY"

The problem is that I have a great discrepancy in the display / filtering of that field. Specifically:

In Table -> checkIn = 03-09-2020
In Json -> checkIn = 2020-03-10
In filter (in order to match the document)-> checkIn = 2020-03-09

Can you see the problem?
How can I solve it?

Thanks in advance,

Kibana version:

One more info ... the query that composes for ElasticSearch has the following form:
"checkIn": {
"gte": "2020-03-09",
"lte": "2020-03-09",
"time_zone": "America/Buenos_Aires"

If I understand your question, you've set the "date format" for the checkIn field to "DD-MM-YYYY", but you aren't seeing this format used consistently within Kibana? Would you mind providing screen-shots of the specific instances where you're seeing this date format ignored?

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