Problems installing plugins with Docker and no Internet

Hello everyone, I'm working in a ELK system with docker and now I'm installing the Logstash plugins Grok, Mutate and Aggregate but I have the problem that my docker image has not access to Internet so I can't use the simple installing command:

logstash-plugin install logstash-filter-mutate

I'm trying to configure the Dockerfile of Logstash to install the plugin from a .zip but it doesn't work. I'm working with ELK since a month and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, I put my Dockerfile content and if you have some recommendations or advices about it I'm will be so grateful.

COPY ...\plugins\ /bin //Even this doesn't work
RUN bin/logstash-plugin install file:///

The questions sounds more like Dockerfile syntax than logstash, I think the question you have is answered here :

Finally, the company where I'm doing the practices have a restricted network, I have been doing tests with that and in the end, I'm able to install the plugins in the Logstash image in an easy way, but I don't understand what has to happen now, does the ELK system detect the new plugins without restarting anything? (I use docker-compose so I start all at the same time) and I understand that in Kibana I should see the new logs loaded with the variables created with the filters using the installed plugins.

I have listed the installed plugins with:

logstash-plugin list

Greetings and thanks.

I am not sure I understand the question so unsure if this will help :
If you built a docker image with an additional plugin, and your container is recreated based on that new image/tag... Then logstash will have the plugins - you can connect in the container and check docker run --rm -it yourimage:yourtag /bin/bash or docker exec -it <running_container> /bin/bash then bin/logstash-plugin list
If you are not sure if your container is based on the right image - docker inspect <container_id>... And if you overwrite an image with same name/tag when you build it, you should recreate the container too

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