Problems running Kibana 5 as a web service with IIS

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Hi all,

I've been trying to set up kibana 5 running as a web service using Microsoft IIS. I have set up a reverse proxy and I can access the kibana site through the IIS default web browser. However, when I access kibana this way, the index patterns are mixed up, with some indices appearing as data in the incorrect index pattern.

I presume this may be a problem with the way the kibana config file is configured, as I have never changed the config file to tell kibana that it will be accessed through another port via the IIS.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem, so that accessing kibana 5 through the default port (5601)and through the IIS web service port (80) will yield the same results?

I'm extremely grateful for any help!

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Hey Anne,

First, are you able to visit localhost:5601? And do you still see the same problems when you do that? I'm trying to figure out if the reverse proxy is really related to the problem you're experiencing... it does seem like an odd symptom to be related to your reverse proxy setup!


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Hi CJ,

Thanks for replying.

I have changed localhost to my IP address, but yes, I can visit myIP:5601 and I have no problems when I do that. All the index patterns and indexes are all ordered correctly and there are no problems.

However, when I access kibana through the reverse proxy, there are many errors. Originally the indexes were all mixed up. Now when I enter through the reverse proxy, no data is shown and it flags an error regarding shards. Everything works fine when I access it using myIP:5601.


Anne Marie

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Hi Anne, would you mind listing all of the errors you're seeing, and posting the actual error messages?

You mentioned that originally all of the indexes were mixed up. Are they still mixed up?

You also mentioned that now you're seeing an error regarding shards. Is this new behavior, or did this error also appear earlier when the indexes were mixed up? If this is new behavior, did you make any changes that could have caused/affected this change in behavior?


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I got this problem sorted actually by using Application Request Routing Cache to create rewrite rules rather than writing them explicitly.

Thanks for all your help!

Anne Marie

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That's great to hear! Thank you for sharing your solution, Anne.


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