How to run kibana in IIS


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I would like to run kibana in IIS, may I know how to do that? The physical path should point to which folder?


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Peter Chow

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Hi Peter,

Kibana is not just static content, that you can host in any webserver. It requires a node server to run. Meaning you cannot just "host" it via IIS. The only thing you could do is creating a reverse proxy in IIS, that will point to the running Kibana instance.



Hi Tim,

Thanks for your reply. I tried to setup reverse proxy in IIS but fail. It show HTTP Error 400.605 - Bad Request. The following is my configuration. Please correct me if have anything wrong. Thanks

Kibana server IP:
Port: 5601

IIS Configuration:
Site name: ELK
Physical path: C:\ELK\kibana

Site Binding:
Type: HTTP
IP address:
Port: 5601
Host name: N/A

URL rewrite - Reverse Proxy:
Server name:

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