Problems with Kibana 7 filters

Since i upgraded to Kibana/ES 7, i'm having problems when applying filters in kibana.
I had no problems with previous versions, with the same (even bigger) datasets, but with Kibana 7, every time i try to set a filter, the dropdown takes a lot (more than half a minute) to populate, and, once populated, or after directly writing the filter value, visualizations hang, even times out.
When,after some retrying, the filter is finally applied, refreshing the visualization, adding or removing aggregations,etc, runs smoothly, without any problems.
If i pin the filters, and create new visualizations, or move to another application (dashboards,discover,etc), i have no problems at all.

So, the problem only happens when i add a new filter.And the hang is not local (doesnt happen in the browser).If an user changes a filter, the hang affects to all kibana users.

Any idea of what may be happening?

EDIT: Creating an aggregated visualization, clicking in an item so it becomes a filter, also applies inmediately.Only when adding a filter by hand, kibana hangs.

Good morning! That sounds quite infuriating... out of curiosity: have you looked at the Network tab of your browser's debugger? I'd be curious to know if the request is taking a long amount of time, and the size of the return payload.

This is likely worth reporting as a Github issue. I would encourage you to open an issue for the Kibana engineering team to investigate, as well... and if you could supply as much sample information as possible, that would, of course, be helpful:

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