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please we need help on this. we have elasticsearch running with over 2 billion documents (32 GB ram, 4.5 cpu and 16 gb heap) and over 700 shards

we tried making these changes but ended up rebuilding kibana as it was no longer responding we had some luck as we increased the number slowly slowly... but it didn't worked..

Is there any other way to do it or any other dropdown visualization we can use??

or how about fixing this control visualization. I think the way it should work is it should pull the data from the index patten of the time defined... instead of pulling all the data at once... from all indices which is causing this issue....

please let me know.


What is the output from the _cluster/stats?pretty&human API?
But it sounds like your cluster (which appears to be a single node?) is overloaded, you need to reduce the shard count to start.

Hi @warkolm

It is a 4 node cluster (1 tie breaker, 2 nodes (1 master and 1 master eligable) , 1 warm nodes)

Kibana with 4gb ram 2 cpu

please let us know ASAP. It is very important for us


Hello guys,

Finally, I found one solutions.

hope this helps to others out there facing the same issue..

In control visualization in options section you will find a option "Use time filter" just enable that and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

please see the screenshots on how to implement if you are new to this.

with that setting

without that setting


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