Visualize: Request Timeout after 90000ms

Hi ,

we are getting error mentioned in the subject line while accessing the dashboards.

Initially we got the same for 30000ms so we increased it to 90000ms but still we are facing the same issue .

please suggest how to fix this. Below are the configurations .

Nodes : 3(single server)
RAM : 56GB out of this 30 GB has been dedicated to ES server and each node has 10GB RAM.
No of Replicas : 2
Data : 40GB

Thanks in Advance...

Could you narrow down a bit which ones are the long requests? Is it a specific visualization or a specific saved search causing that?

Hi timroes,

Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

when we are reducing visualization's from 12 to 8 in a dashboard it is working fine on 5 years of data which includes more than 50 scripted fields and we increased the max script field compilation rate to 1000/1m which has 8 cores of cpu.

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