Problems with showing IOPS

I have ES 1.5 installed accross
3 Clients
3 Masters
6 Data
And Another Cluster for monitoring

I am in testing phase.

Es doesn't repor IOS.

Sigar is loaded.
Is there something to make it work?

[2015-04-13 11:43:18,394][DEBUG][monitor.fs ]
[tqcilproesma01] Using probe
[org.elasticsearch.monitor.fs.SigarFsProbe@1704f67f] with refresh_interval
[2015-04-13 12:08:30,613][TRACE][monitor.sigar ]
[tqcilproesma01] sigar loaded successfully
[2015-04-13 11:46:28,195][DEBUG][monitor.fs ]
[tqcilproesda06] Using probe
[org.elasticsearch.monitor.fs.SigarFsProbe@1704f67f] with refresh_interval

Thanks in advance

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