Problems with Snapshot Restore



Attempting to restore a snapshot from one cluster into another (same version - 5.0.1).

It seems that all indices that were created using forcemerge are failing to restore. When I do allocation/explain I get

  "final_decision" : "NO",
  "final_explanation" : "the shard cannot be assigned because one or more allocation decider returns a 'NO' decision",
  "weight" : 0.6666667,
  "decisions" : [
      "decider" : "filter",
      "decision" : "NO",
      "explanation" : "node does not match index initial recovery filters [null]"

Checking the settings on the index I see this initial_recovery setting, but no idea how to remove it

"routing" : {
          "allocation" : {
            "include" : {
              "_id" : ""
            "initial_recovery" : {
              "_id" : "bAqvgAKZSxSheWHG7a9NVg"

Anyone seen this before?



(Igor Motov) #2

@agriffit, did you create the snapshot while shrinking the index? You can remove settings on restore using ignore_index_settings parameter.

That looks like this bug that was fixed in 5.4.0.


Yeh, thanks. ignoring the setting works

  "ignore_index_settings": [

The snapshot would have been created after the shrink was complete.

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