Restore backup and shard allocation filtering

We are still using ElasticSearch 1.7 and have cluster with 6 data nodes.
One of the indices is allocated via Shard Allocation Filtering to 4 nodes in the cluster.

I'm trying to snapshot/restore it to another two nodes and don't have any luck.

  1. create backup with ignore_global_state: true
  2. create empty index with settings which allocate it to two nodes. close it.
  3. restore backup to closed index with ignore_global_state: true with assumption that it will respect index settings of closed index with mappings being the same.

Any suggestions?

nvm, figured that out.

      "indices": "test_4",
     "ignore_unavailable": true,
     "include_global_state": false,
     "rename_pattern": "test_(.+)",
     "rename_replacement": "test_5",
     "index_settings": {
       "index.routing.allocation.include.tag": "tag0,tag1"

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