Programatically Update Timelion Visualization


I have about 30 Timelion visualizations that all use a similar .es query, but with different index queries. They are all supposed to look the same on Kibana. Whenever I need to make a small change (like update the color of the lines) on all the 30 visualizations, I'm stuck manually updating the query for each visualization. There has to be a better way. I've read that this can be done via the Update API, but I have no idea how. When I search the .kibana index, I can see my dashboards (which I could presumably update), and I see each dashboard has a property: "panelsJSON", and this has the fields "type": visualization, "id": "c9550a25-afbd-4d27-b2e8-e9990a70af02".

How do I

  1. Run a query to list all the visualizations (with their names), and
  2. Update the visualization .es query programatically in a bash script.

This would save me a boatload of time.. Thanks!

Hi @mbaroody,

We have a couple issues for this general request and It's something we think is a great idea and something we definitely want to add at some point, but I'm not sure when that will be right now. Please feel free to outline your use case in those tickets if it isn't currently covered, or simply add a +1 to indicate your interest in this feature.

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