Propreitary markings on Kibana dashboard

(Shaaam) #1

We are looking to accommodate proprietary markings on our Kibana dashboards, we are not sure where to fit the code in here. We have this for Nagios already with the code inserted along with the side bar items (to the left). I am not sure where this configuration has to go in for Kibana dashboards.


(Thomas Neirynck) #2

hi @shaaam,

what do you mean with "proprietary markings"? Are you trying to add a logo with the company name to a Dashboard?

(Shaaam) #3

We want to add a short desc, something like " proprietary, for authorized users only" - in a bottom corner of the dashboard.
I am unable to figure out which config file this code would go in, or do we have to create a new config.

Thanks for responding.

(Shaaam) #4

Just wanted to check, if there is a way out in getting this done without rebuilding the dashboard?
Any insights are much appreciated. Thanks!

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