PSI Exam Environment

Has anyone done one of the Elastic exams, with the proctor, while using a Linux workstation? I get the impression they can only handle Windows and Mac. I've asked Elastic, they didn't know. I've emailed PSIonline support and no answer.

If you are taking the exam with PSI as the proctor, then Linux is fine. There is a compatibility test and the biggest requirement is using a proper browser (i.e. Chrome).

If you are taking an exam after the end of May, 2021, then we are switching our exam proctors to a new vendor named Examity, and unfortunately they do not allow Linux.

Thanks Rich. I had terrible tech problems with my first exam running Linux. (Damn you Wayland window manager!!) I had to quickly switch to a Windows laptop. And then got instructions from the proctor which made me wonder if they support Linux at all. Very stressful, but I managed to pass.

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