So confused on test prep

I completed Elasticsearch Engineer 1. I want to prepare for the exam by practicing in the lab environment. Since I completed the course already I now cannot access the lab. The training team recommended downloading Elasticsearch and completing the labs with a local windows install. My understanding is that the exam environment is linux based, so I am not sure how to practice in that environment.

Hi @jgearheart in the following video you'll find information about the exam and its environment Preparing for the Elastic Certified Engineer Exam - Get Elasticsearch Certified - YouTube

I'm also in the proccess to get certified, and what I did after I lost access to the lab environment was to create my own lab in my computer. Any virtualization software will do the work.

You can also run it as a container, Elasticsearch has their docker images and you can find them here elasticsearch | Docker @ Elastic. Running a docker image is preety simple.

If you're not familiarized with linux that's not a big deal. In order to build your environment you'll need to learn some basics:

  • Configuration of network interfaces.
  • Installation of packages using yum or rpm
  • How to edit config files using editors as nano, vi or vim

Another alternative is to use the 14 days trial Elastic Cloud service How do I sign up? | Elasticsearch Service Documentation | Elastic

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