Public host name and host ip setting for Allocator in private network?

To set Allocator in secured environment, I have installed Allocator in private network not exposing any of the network interface to public network.

To achieve this , I have set both public host name and host ip to private IP address.

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" --debug --installation-id runner-Allocator1 --public-host-name --host-ip --availability-zone west-us --capacity 11264 --coordinator-host

Is this correct network setting to completely install Allocator in a private network ?

Hi @YuWatanabe

When installing additional hosts beyond the first one you can use the private ip address for both the public hostname and private ip. When installing the initial host, you need to make sure the public hostname is routable from within the host and from any other host that needs to access the UI and the API (e.g. your laptop).

As a side note, in the upcoming beta release you won't need to specify the public hostname at all anymore (neither for the initial host nor for additional hosts).


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