Pull ES data and generate application logs

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Hi Team,

My Setup: Have 50+ application servers which generates huge logs and filebeat ships them to multiple LS nodes and then gets shipped into 1 ES node[Actually 6 node ES cluster - 5 data nodes 1 client node]

In logstash conf, there are 2 output plugins, 1 is ES and other is file. So we feel every event writing in file takes a long time so filebeat queues up log files in application server. We temporarily stopped file plugin and the queue got drastically reduced in filebeat end.

We store only 1 month of app data in ES. For general auditing we need to store years of data in tapes. But since ES+file makes issues in our setup. Can we only push application log to ES and then extract and generate same kind of logs back from ES and store in a text file and then archive it. Is this possible? Kindly suggest if it is valid or suggest any better ideas?

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You can Logstash to do this, just setup a separate config pipeline to extract things.

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Hi Warkolm,/All,

Sorry i forgot to inform the setup completely. I use filebeat -> logstash -> ES. In logstash output filter. First i have my event posting to ES and then to file plugin where i write back to a text file.

So every event runs thought both the processes and then picks up next event. This operation is too costly. So i wanted a process such that i push my logs only to ES and store for 15-20 days and then generate a single file based on day wise index and store that txt file and archive it for years.

Any suggestions on this please..

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