Logstash vs building a custom data stream

Thought i would propose a question to the "guru's" and see what the general thought would be......

I have a stream of data coming from some proprietary software of "transactions" which i want to put into ES. now this stream is through a java plugin which i write and control. In theory i can do almost anything with it. The two possible options i have come up with

1 take the data and use log4J and write to a log file. then from there i use logstash with FileBeat (filters etc) to get that data loaded into transactions

Pros: if logstash stops/ starts i dont lose any logs as it starts from where it last processed
Cons: extra puzzle pieces to break and have to get working.
more disk IO and resources being used to write/ read the log file

#2 in my plugin i use the elasticsearch rest api and or bulk api to push straight into ES
Pros : less to break and easier on resources (i think)
Cons: if ES goes down i will lose data in the stream but thats not "critical" to me as data is being used for a monitoring perspective so i don't need 100% of the data. Loss is acceptable.

On the volume side of things its quite low for ES at around 1 million records a day......
Interested to see what anyone thinks of my little problem :slight_smile:


I'd go with #1. It means that you can also change where you send things in future with no changes to the java app.

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