PUT ILM Policy immediately return "acknowledged": false

We are using elasticsearch 6.7.2 deployed on k8s with a configuration of 3 master, 4 data, 2 client nodes.

When setting some ILM Policies, I am seeing that it is immediately returning with "acknowledged": false. My understanding is that this should only happen if there is a timeout on one of the nodes, and that the acknowledged: false is not necessarily an error, but just indicates that the operation could not complete before the timeout.

I am a bit confused by this as I thought the default timeout was either 10s or 30s, so the fact that it returns false immediately is confusing to me. My code relies on this operation being completed before trying to create any indices to make sure the policy is successfully updated. When i was running this with a different configuration (3 master, 2 data, 2 client), it would always return acknowledged as true.

My question is, why would this be returning acknowledged: false so quickly, and how can I make this operation wait for acknowledged: true before returning.

That is a good question indeed, do you see any indication in the logs about why the operation may be failing? Perhaps an error or stacktrace in the logs?


I don't see any information in the logs of the client, master, or data nodes about this request or about any failure. All i get in "acknowledged": false. And the PUT operation seems to be succeeding, as an immediate GET request on the policy shows that it updated, has a new modified timestamp and version number.

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