Query 2 indices


I've 2 indices:
someData:keyword referrer:integer
and dictionary

Is it possible, and if so then how to do that, to ask maindata for data with condition on dictionary? Soemthing similar to SQL's:
select m.someData, d.refferer from maindata m, dictionary d where m.refferer = d.id and d.refferer = "NAME";
Query has to be at the end saved object because I need it as datasource for visualization.

If not, how to gain such result without denormalizing data?

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You can't do that natively.
You can either denormalise, or run two queries and manage the merge in your code.

  1. Denormalization is the thing we want to avoid :wink:
  2. There's no code under. We want this "combined answer" to be query for our Kibana's visualizations.

To follow p. 2: is it possible to create outside ES/Kibana piece of code (e.g. in C#, Java or whatever) and register it in Kibana as saved object and use it as datasource for visualization?

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