Query configuration in annotation in TSVB visual


I wanted to create a visual in TSVB to display Bell icon when total count of category exceeds particular threshold. I have tried category.keyword.count>10 (referring to this creating a trend graph based on tsvb + adding annotations - YouTube) but it is not working. See the screenshot for the configuration.
Also, is there any other visual to achieve the same?

Hi @Seemant_Bind

Annotations are an "event-based" feature, which it means that single events are taken into consideration to add an annotation: for instance, that is useful when you know something happened on 2022-07-15 at 13:00 and you want to annotate it on the chart.

In your case you want to apply an annotation based on a aggregation result, which is not something that is natively possible to do either on TSVB or Lens.
I think you have two options here:

The second one would be much easier to compute when conditionals will be available in Lens formula.

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