Query multiple document types


I'm at the very start with ELK and have a question. I have 1 index that contains 2 document types, the first type contains the main info and the second contains multiple entries that relate to a key value in the first.

I can't see how I can query to extract data from both documents?

Any help is much appreciated

Hi @JohnG,

performing queries across multiple documents is only supported in a limited fashion in elasticsearch, because it is built to support a horizontal scaling strategy. Nevertheless, there are the has_child, has_parent and parent_id queries, which might help you - depending on your document structure. See the documentation regarding joining queries for details.

Thanks for the response Felix.

I have found some mapping instructions (here is an example).

PUT /company
"mappings": {
"branch": {},
"employee": {
"_parent": {
"type": "branch"

Where would this code go? in the elasticsearch.yml?


To define mappings you have to send PUT requests like these to the Elasticsearch server after it has been started. You could to that using curl, for example:

$ curl -X PUT 'http://localhost:9200/company' -d '{"mappings": {...}}'

The documentation on the indices api offers more examples.

Ah, ok.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

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