Query String Syntax for timestamp like this: 12:30:42:070

I'm trying to isolate a range based on custom timestamps; example:

myTimestamp: 12:30:42:069

Date type: string

I'm getting this error:

Discover: Expected AND, OR, end of input, whitespace but ":" found.

Attempts at QSS:

myTimestamp >12:30:42:069 // nope
myTimestamp >'12:30:42:069' // nope
myTimestamp >"12:30:42:069" // nope
myTimestamp.keyword >12:30:42:069 // nope
myTimestamp.keyword >'12:30:42:069' // nope
myTimestamp.keyword >"12:30:42:069" // nope

How can I apply this filter condition?

Thx, Keith :^)

I've never seen that notation considered to be a valid timestamp format. If you can transform the last colon ":" into a dot "." you probably won't have this issue. "12:32:40.069" That's essentially what the error is telling you, that the last ":" is unexpected. I know that doesn't really answer the question posed, but it might get you to where you need to be.

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