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Hey , I am using kibana v6.3.0 . I want to show the discover tab with pre-existing filter to users which I want to show them(basically, filtered logs) . The problem here is, if I open the link in incognito tab, it shows error like:

The URL is like this:

How can I resolve this ?

Also I want to change the filters without using the UI, I want to give URL to the users of the filtered logs in kibana, for now I am doing this by changing the values in the URL. Is there any better way to do this either by API or something?

Any help would be appreciated.


If you want to share the Kibana search/filters with other users, you can actually create an url link clicking at "Share". Share will create an url that you can share with others (I have tested in incognito mode and still works).

Thanks for replying. :slight_smile:
I got your answer. But still, that didn't help me. It is showing that error again.
I think, the problem is somewhere else because if I try to access logs in Kibana, it sometimes giving me another error also like :

If I set the auto-refresh interval to 10secs and time range to last 1hr, sometimes, Kibana displays the logs correctly and sometimes it shows error as above. Can you help me with this ?
FYI, I am getting this error while running kibana and elasticsearch on cloud.

I think you should post a new question with this error explaining the problem a bit more.

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Okay, thanks.. btw currently as a temporary solution, I reduced the replicas of elasticsearch to 1 . And it is working fine!

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