Querying and filtering an embed visualization

Hi @thomasneirynck, @ppisljar

I'm building upon the code provided in the Developing Visualizations webinar.

I've successfully enabled the timepicker and my visualizations get properly updated.

Now I want to query and filter it.

How would I go about it?

P.S.: I'm not in editorMode.


hi @havidarou,

do you want to send a filter to the filter-bar when you click on a part of your chart?

For that, you will have to use the filter event-handler.

For some sample code, you can dig around some of the existing visualizations in Kibana. For example, this is how we do it when clicking a tag on the tag-cloud:

This produces a filter for that particular term.

i think he is talking about embedding visualizations in his app ?

currently the only way to do that is by loading the saved object on your own and adding filters/query to the searchSource and then calling embedVisualizationWithSavedObject.

there are plans to make this easier in the future.

@thomasneirynck there is a nicer way to apply filters on click (check the webinar code) which doesn't require creating AggConfigResults

@thomasneirynck @ppisljar Yes I mean an embedded visualization in the app plugin.

How can I do it with AggConfigResults?

Right now I can filter the visualizations using the timepicker and I've successfully used the kbn-top-nav with the query-bar directives in the plugin, and can filter using text queries.

I'm trying to use the filter-bar directive (I've had to import it, it isn't include using autoload/all) but no luck with it so far.

The plan is to use the filter-bar along the click thing with the visualizations.

Help! xD


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