Disable On-Click filtering in embedded visualizations

(Ron Pritchett) #1

Hello All,

I'm hoping there's a quick and easy solution for this. I've embedded the memory usage visualization from the topbeats example dashboard into a simple webpage. I don't mind users zooming in the time frame (by doing the click-drag-release on a section of the graph), but filters are a problem.

I want the ability to block out the 'Apply these filters?' dialog box. I don't need my users having access to that.

example pic

v4.4 being used btw

(Mark Walkom) #2

That's not currently available unfortunately. Not sure if it's something we are working on though, but please raise a feature request if you're interested in having it :slight_smile:

(sen) #3

I would like to knwo if this question has been solved with new kibana releases !


(Ron Pritchett) #4

I have spent some time playing with Grafana recently. It seems to have a decent set of controls in regards to my original question. However, it won't create all of the graph types that kibana can. I should mosey over to github and file the feature request. I've just been lazy. :grin:

ps. FYI I've not tried shield w/Kibana so I cannot comment on that aspect.

(system) #5