How can i disable filters in Respective visualizations present in kibana dashboard?

multiple visualizations collectively makes up a dashboard and we have interactive filter application feature available through most of the visualization , Now suppose I want to disable filters to be applied on dashboard through a specific visualization . Is there any provision to do the same in kibana dashboard.

Hey! I am not sure I have understood clearly what you want to do:

  1. Not allow specific visualizations to respect a dashboard filter?
  2. Not allow the filter creation from a visualization (for example by clicking into a chart)?

Hi ,
Currently asking for the thing you mentioned in "Point 2 : 1. Not allow the filter creation from a visualization (for example by clicking into a chart)? ".

but also querying for "Point 1: Not allow specific visualizations to respect a dashboard filter?" whether is possible or not?

About the first bullet:

The only editor that allows that is the TSVB editor. Check this setting "Ignore global filter". We are thinking of adding this functionality also in Lens but it is not possible atm.

About the second bullet, no this is not possible atm. As long as the visualization can create a filter, it is allowed and there is no setting to disable it. Can you please create a feature request in our repo for that? Thanx a ton!

Hi, please add this functionality throughout Kibana. It is very useful to have different illustrations on a single dashboard which may or may not be bound by filters.

I have ended up here as I need to

Your screenshot appears to achieve what I need, but I am afraid I am unfamiliar with 'TSVB editor'. Can you tell me if this is dependent on version? My organisation is stuck on Kibana 7.1.1 as they consider it too difficult/time consuming to upgrade :frowning:

The 7.1.1 documentation does mention TSVB within Advanced Editors (along with Vega and TimeLion), however, it appears to be strangely missing from my visualizations.

The documentation states that TSVB can illustrate using 'charts'. I guess TS is Time Series, which indicates a timeline. Could you confirm if I am able to use TSVB to illustrate a Pie Chart?
(my dashboard uses Pie Charts to illustrate Pass/Fail states. Although the dahsboard is time centric, showing Pass/Fail within a time period, I am wondering if TSVB will allow this type of illustration)

No unfortunately you can't create pie charts with TSVB. Lens does but it doesnt support the ignore global filters setting. The good news are that you are going to add this soonish in one of the next minors.

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