Dashboard / Pb with global filter

Hi i have several questions about the filters and the controls in the dashboard :

  • I would like to know if it is possible to disable some filters. I have a map and a table.The map and the table are linked to different indexes, but when I zoom on the map (with the "filter by max extend" on) the results of my table disappear. Is it possible to avoid that?
  • In the map i have several layers and when I use a control to select some elements in a layer the other layers disappear. Is it possible to avoid that too ?

So is it possible to associate a control to a specific layer or a specific document (map or chart) without consequences on the others ?


In general you need to think that kibana search bar settings affect everything in your dashboard so the filters will be passed to all the data sources.

That said, both Maps and TSVB have a setting to make layers to avoid the global search.

So depending on how you configure your map layers and TSVB tables, yes you can have things not affected by the others but with a price.

I know this is not a great answer, but maybe it helps to circumvent your specific use case.

Thx for your answer. I hope that in the next versions it would possible to attribute a filter to a chart or a map or inside a map to a layer without affected the rest of the dashboard

@Phildefer You can definitely add Filters at the Map Layer Level

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