Can I attach Kibana controls to a specific viz

My dashboard contains multiple graphs from same indexes filtered for different types of data within the index.

Now I want to attach a control (dropdown) for each of this graph, so the user can view a single type of data closely on each graph. But Kibana controls always apply globally to the whole dashboard. I know TSVB can ignore global filters, but is there someway to attach a specific filter to only one TSVB?

Hmm, there is an issue open to apply filters for individual panels ( visualizations) on a Dashboard . I think you are looking for this ?

cc @timroes can shed more light on this.


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I think this feature request is tracked via Ability for input controls to define which visualizations they filter · Issue #29749 · elastic/kibana · GitHub and might be the best place to follow for updated.


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Thank You

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