Link embed visualization to querybar and filterbar


I've been reading the documentation here:

And at some point it says "time picker must be present (enabled) on the page" and a while bellow that "without linking to querybar or filterbar"

How can we enable this?

And related to this, how can we make clicking in a visualization part (for example, a part in a pie) will be used as filter in other visualizations embedded in the same page?


Hi @havidarou,

so you want to write a kibana plugin that uses the query bar, filter bar and the timepicker? One example of enabling the timepicker can be seen in the visualize source code at I might be able to point you to some other examples if you can give a more detailed description of the purpose and structure of your plugin.

Hi @weltenwort

thanks for your reply.

What I am trying to achieve is:

  • Have several visualizations in one page.
  • Filter them by using the timepicker, lucene, etc.
  • Make a selection in one visualization become a filter for the rest.


That sounds very much like a dashboard. In which respects do dashboards not match your requirements?

I want to replicate that in my plugin as I also mix configuration about my own software and other stuff.

I guess what I want is to make an embed visualization monitors an AppState shared among different embed visualizations and then make the searchbar also monitors that state. Am I wrong?

I opened another topic: Error when providing AppState to an embeded visualization


Ok, that makes sense. Let's try to focus the discussion in the other topic so we don't cross streams. I have asked the visualizations team to help you out there.

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