Lock time picker from dashboard/visualization interractions


We have a dashboard embedded on your platform interface, that can be seen by users (actually operators of the product).
The operator mainly use the interface from a tablet, can change the time picker and filter on the top menu (thanks to the 7.9.0 allowing filters in embed mode), but the thing is every time we scroll over the dashboard, we end up selecting a time range on one of the time chart visualization, screwing up the whole data and needing to change back the time range on the picker at top.

Is there a way to lock the time range of the dashboard being changed by the visualizations interactions?

Thank you

That's a great question.

Can you please log an enhancement issue here please? - https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues

cc @lukeelmers


Just to make sure I'm following @Celiken, you are saying a timerange accidentally gets applied when scrolling through a dashboard on a touchscreen, because a visualization is touched and then a filter is applied? Or are you asking a different question?

This is exactly the case, as soon as we touch the screen, both actions are trigger:

  • selecting range on the visualization (Line/Area visualization)
  • scrolling down/up the global page

Then when you release, you stop scrolling but then you also refresh the time range.

You can see it here:

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