Querying Public Data with Elasticsearch



I hope this is the right place for this kind of question. If not I would be happy to redirected to the correct location. I'm a beginner in this field so even though I've searched for the solution I want to ask here for some direct answer.

We've been looking at Elasticsearch as a possible solution to our problem. We want to create a knowledge base where our users can search through our data. The catch is that this isn't data that we have stored in our own database, but rather Public Data available in places such as the EU open data portal. This data has an API that can be queried with for example curl.

Does Elasticsearch have any features which allow it to perform a query on Public Data API such as this one? This might be a bit of an open ended question so if there is some doubt in what I'm trying to figure out please ask.

Thank you in advance.

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To search in elasticsearch, you need first to index in elasticsearch.
Elasticsearch does not read data from an external system.

You need then to index what the public API provides first.
You can use logstash for that for example.

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