Question about diacritics stored as NCR data in database

Hello, hopefully someone will be able to clarify this for me.
We are planing e-commerce upgrade to a system that comes with ES built in. Our current data in the database is stored as UTF-8.
However during the migration to MSSQL the data was stored with NCR formatting.
In my language there are diacritics but people here often dont search like that. For example the proper term is "Šampon", and people often search it as "Sampon".
My question is, will it affect the ES searching the database if in the above case the Š is stored as NCR code š will ES be able to give suggestions for both "Š" and "S" characters (similar in UTF-8 but not so similar in NCR), or rather does it even matter?
P.S. Dont ask me why the ERP is even storing the data in anything else but UTF...

Thanks in advance

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