Question about Kibana Plugin Development/Generators

I see the bundled generator in 6.3+ generates a React plugin whereas anything before that generates an Angular plugin. Can I just reuse the way the 6.3 generator uses:

app.config($locationProvider => {
    enabled: false,
    requireBase: false,
    rewriteLinks: false,
app.config(stateManagementConfigProvider =>

And the RootController to make use of using a React App for plugins in prior versions too? It seems to work for 6.2 and wanted to know if I'll be able to do the same thing for versions 5. And can I just use the latest of EUI for Kibana versions 5 and restyle it to fit the theme or will that also cause problems? I'm assuming Kibana is just loading my plugin as an app so I should be able to utilize React 16.3+ in my app?

Hey @123 , you can definitely use React 16.3 with older versions of Kibana.

With EUI, it gets a bit trickier. You'll likely want to use the same version of EUI throughout Kibana (including within a separate Kibana application). EUI relies upon the cascading nature of CSS and includes it's own reset file, so there's potential collisions and overlap if an application relies upon multiple versions.

Got it.. so use whatever version Kibana is using for EUI?

But, what about version 5 when it doesn't use EUI, but instead uses kibana UI framework?

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