Question about minimum requirements per zone on Elastic Cloud

When setting up a new deployment on Elastic Cloud, it is recommended to use minimum hardware requirements per zone, depending on the chosen provider. Using less could affect the performance of your deployment.

Why is this recommended? The provided link doesn't seem to give me a conclusive answer. And is this also recommended when having really small clusters (where more storage doesn't make sense)?

In addition, one of the articles which is linked to on the page doesn't seem to exist anymore:
in-depth on article on Elasticsearch and memory

Many thanks.

Resources are assigned based on the size of the nodes, so I would expect a 4GB node to have 4 times more CPU credits/allocation compared to a 1GB node even though they can spike to the same amount. Whether a smaller cluster is sufficient or not will depend on what you intend to use it for. If you can provide some more details around this we might be able to better judge what size is sensible for you.

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