RabbitMQ VS IBM MQ For integrate with ELK

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I need from ELK integrations Expertise to Recommend for me Whet is the best from between IBM MQ and Rabbit MQ to pull Messages in terms of performance and compatibility with ELK 7.11.2.

For most high-volume use cases I have seen, where message throughput is vital, Kafka has generally been used as a message queue. I do not know what the difference between IBM MQ and Rabbit MQ is, but here is a resource comparing Kafka to Rabbit MQ. Here is another link that may be useful.

No there option to build Kafka to make integration, But I need to integration direct with one of them IBM MQ or RabbitMQ

I have not seen any direct comparisons between these and they are not the most common to use for high throughput architectures, so I would recommend you run a benchmark or two to find out based on your data and infrastructure, especially if you are looking for high throughput.

I would also recommend you upgarde your Elastic Stack as the version you are on is very old, has been EOL for quite a while and has known security vulnerabilities.

which version can you recommend for me to begin upgrading?

You need to go to 7.17.8 first and run the migration assistant before upgrading further.

How would you pull the messages?

Elasticsearch does not pull messages from anywhere, you need another tool to pull messages from Rabbit MQ or IBM MQ and send it to Elasticsearch.

The only tool in the stack that can do that is Logstash and Logstash only has a Rabbit MQ input plugin, I'm not sure it works with IBM MQ.

If you are going to use another tool to pull logs I don't think it makes any difference to Elasticsearch, so it is completely your choice.

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Would the JMS input plugin perhaps work with IBM MQ?

I am already using Logstash to make the integrations but I need a confirmed reply for you The Rabbit MQ and JMS Input plugins are used to pull messages "events" from the Queue to send them to Elasticserach or used to send the logs and metrics only?

They are as far as I know both used to retrieve messages.

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