Random time out in cross-cluster seach Kibana (5.5)


I am trying to do a PoC using cross-cluster search in Kibana.

My problem is that from time to time (for what I can see is random), I get timeouts in kibana when working with index from a cross-cluster search.

So to sum up what I have:

  • Kibana timeots are just happening when cross-clustering search. During the timeouts I can change the index to a local one and kibana show results.
  • After a minute or so, the connection get restored (without any action on my part).
  • It is not a firewall problem (already checked)
  • There is nothing in Elastic or Kibana Logs, everithing is up and running.
  • Elastic and Kibana are both 5.5.2

Please, could anyone help, I see no reason for those timeouts.

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What happens when you see this timeout?

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