Range ip v4 address in kibana region map

Hello everyone.
Recently and ran into a problem, i created personal region map and i want that kibana make visualization using ip v4 range. For example, if the message has an ip_address field i see a that kibana visualizing one of the region. I think it's possible using regular expression and
joining fields from other index wich have message with ip v4. I try added field ip_range in my vizualization that containts regular expression but it are not working.
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am tagging @thomasneirynck for more detailed explanation here.


Just to confirm, you are asking to be able to create a region map where the calculated metric is the IP range for all documents matching the polygon region?

This is not currently possible. You can create an enhancement request at https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/new?template=Feature_request.md. Please describe your use case including the problem you are trying to solve and how this would aid in that problem. For example, explain why you need the IP ranges per region.

Thanks for your answer. Yes, I need this is a pity that this is not possible. I have a lot of hosts, they have no-public range IP address and I need to get analyze using region map. I hope that in future release it will possible. :relieved:

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