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Does the topic cover come with negative value for ranger slider. Anyone could share with me how to input the negative value or any documents? I have input a + value, but when input "-" it have the error status.

Can you elaborate what you are referring to here, where is the slider?


Ranger slider. For example, we are using kibana_sample_data_logs for index pattern. Bytes was selected at a range of 0 to 19986. Am i able to control the adjustment to negative value?

Ok, you posted this in the training category so it was a little confusing. I have moved it to the Kibana category.

Hi @linhz ,

I hope this example will help!

PUT example/_doc/1
  "price": 1

PUT example/_doc/2
  "price": 10

PUT example/_doc/3
  "price": -1

PUT example/_doc/4
  "price": -10


Where do you put the custom field at?

Under ranger slider, there is no way to input the script.



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Please follow these steps

1- Index documents in Elasticsearch using kibana dev tools
2- Create index pattern/data view
3- Use this index pattern/data view in range slider


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