Raw JSON Query

(Ivan) #1

ELK 6.4.0

I'm interested in how to see the raw json query from the search bar in "Discovery" tab?

Thanks in advance.

(kulkarni) #2

Is this the caret you're looking for?

If you click the icon I highlighted in the screenshot and then click the "request" tab you'll see the raw query. It'll include the aggregation for the histogram as well, but you should be able to ignore that if you're only interested in the query.

You can always open the network tab in the browser developer tools:

Hope this helps,

(Ivan) #3

Hi Rashmi, I'm very obliged to you.
But the main issue that there is no the button in my case=)

(Ivan) #4

Is the kibana 6.4.0 released without this button?

Also I can't find the Request Payload in delveloper tool(((

(kulkarni) #5

In the above example - am on the discover tab> opened the first entry - There you see Table and JSON - and if you click the JSON - it will give you the expanded RAW JSON .
Hope this helps


(Ivan) #6

Thank you very much!

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