React visualization plugin Error: "Circular reference to "registry"

I'm trying to develop my first Kibana plugin using ReactJS.I have followed the official doc
But i'am facing an error when trying to launch kibana visualization :

Error: "Circular reference to "registry" found while resolving private deps: registry -> MynewVisType"
instantiate \OCP\ELK\kibana\src\legacy\ui\public\private\private.js:150
get \OCP\ELK\kibana\src\legacy\ui\public\private\private.js:171
Private \OCP\ELK\kibana\src\legacy\ui\public\private\private.js:190
VisualizeListingController \OCP\ELK\kibana\src\legacy\core_plugins\kibana\public\visualize\listing\visualize_listing.js:72

Kibana version 7.4.3 / React 16

Code source :

-- app.js
-- ReactComponent.js


export default function (kibana) {
return new kibana.Plugin({
uiExports: {
visTypes: [


import { VisFactoryProvider } from 'ui/vis/vis_factory';
import {VisTypesRegistryProvider} from 'ui/registry/vis_types';
import {ReactComponent} from './ReactComponent';
function MynewVisType(Private){
const visFactory = Private(VisFactoryProvider);
return visFactory.createReactVisualization({
name: 'my_new_vis',
title: 'My New Vis',
icon: 'my_icon',
description: 'Cool new chart',
visConfig: {
component: ReactComponent
//export default MynewVisType;
export default MynewVisType;


import React, {Component} from "react";
export default class ReactComponent extends Component{
return (

Simple react plugin


Any suggestions please.

Hi @elmaghraoui,

I believe the fastest way to get help with the plugin development is to join and ask about/debug the problem there.


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