Recommendation from ElasticSearch : Jest vs Elastic Search's Rest client

We use ES via AWS ES cluster. For the project, we have to 2 choices to connect to ES, 1. Jest and 2. Elastic search's own REST client
Looking for official recommendation on which client to use for querying our ES cluster.

I always recommend using the official client unless there is a good reason not to. It generally gets updated with support for new features faster.

Given that Amazon are likely to soon (?) switch to OpenSearch (their forked version of Elasticsearch) and rename their service, it is possible you may need to switch client in the future unless you want to stay on Elasticsearch 7.10, which is the latest version of Elasticsearch Amazon can use on their service. It is quite likely that the Elasticsearch and OpenSearch APIs, although similar at present, will start to deviate in the future. Exactly how much this affect you I suspect depend on the features you are/will be using.

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